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That Werid Girl In The Corner

A Very Disaponieted College Girl

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In a name
About D
D, or Danova. Its an online handle I've had forever, back since the days of high school when I was looking up names for a story I was writing. Now its become my main's name on wow, main Gaia account, and a few other sites. I don't use it to much because I've used it for almost everything.
I'm in my early 20's and just trying to get on with life. Officially I've changed majors three times, unofficially it will be five times. First I wanted to go into Physics but apparently have a hard time writing = not smart when your math and science scores are high, well at least thats what St.Mikes said. Well during the time I was trying to get in I went under as undeclared then a year at CCV went as a Liberal Arts major, after trying for st. mikes I went with Champlain and try and get into game design. That didn't work out soo.. now I'm just going back to CCV and changing to web design, I really hope I get a good job, move out west, get out of debt then go back to school for Game design.
Age: 22 Background: Half Argentian Half Everything else in Europe Sex: Female Sexuality: Straight but Open Minded Hair and Eyes: Brown and Brown Where: Vermont
Stargate sg-1, Atlantis, Sam Carter, Jack Oneill, S + J, Vampires, making web pages, anime, drawing, WoW, MMOs, Shooters, Games, Forever Knight, FLCL, Manga, FullMetal Alchemist, Guitar Hero, Boofing, Energy Drinks, PhotoShop, Blood, Halo, Battle Field 2, Final Fantasy series

Ass Holes, Grumpy Old Men, Ignorant People, Haters, Vomit, People who don't understand my Shyness, Needles, Preachers, people who do the Evolution VS Creationism thing *usually its the creationist who start that fight*
I'm a Grapics whore so I may change my layout alot, but not as much as I do with Gaia :P

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